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DERO(DERO) Introduction

  • Chinese Name:DERO
  • English Name:DERO
  • Abbreviation:DERO

Currency Introduction

DERO is a brand new experimental blockchain technology, which is prepared in Golang, focuses on strengthening privacy and smart contract, and keeps transparency and safety of the blockchain. 
The aim is to create a unique blockchain technology. Through integrating some verified technologies (e.g. CryptoNote protocol and smart contract), the private smart contract is created to improve reliability, privacy, safety, availability and transportability.

Detailed Parameter

  • Unveiling Date: 2018-04-23
  • Total Issuance: 1840万
  • Stock: 283.1516万
  • Developer:
  • Core Algorithm:
  • Block Speed:
  • Block Speed:
  • Difficulty Adjustment:
  • Verification Method:

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