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Legal Statement

Article 1

The purpose of the Website is to provide most digital asset amateurs and investors in the world with a professional transaction platform and financial products at international level as far as possible without violating relevant laws and regulations of New Zealand. It is prohibited to use the Website for all illegal trading activities such as money laundering, smuggling and commercial bribery, if such activities are found, the Website will freeze the account and report to the competent authority immediately.

Article 2

When the competent authority presents the corresponding investigation document to require the Website cooperating in the investigation of the designated user, or sealing up, freezing or transferring funds or taking other measures against the user’s account, the Website will assist in providing corresponding user data and perform corresponding operations according to the requirements of the competent authority. If the user’s privacy is disclosed, the account cannot be operated and losses are caused as a result, the Website will take no responsibility.

Article 3

If a user of the Website breaks relevant laws of New Zealand because of violating provisions of this Statement, the Website, as a provider of service, is obligated to perfect rules and services of the platform but it has no motive to break relevant laws of New Zealand and not fact of such breaking and assumes no joint liability for the user’s behavior.

Article 4

Any person logging onto the Website in any way or using services of the Website directly or indirectly shall be deemed to have voluntarily accepted to be bound by the Website’s statement. All information obtained, used, and published by Bitalong.com is based on your consent. Any use of information must be reasonable and legal. If used for other purposes, the applicant is liable. This website does not assume any responsibility.

Article 5

For issues not involved in the Statement, please refer to relevant laws and regulations of New Zealand; in case of any conflict between the Statement and relevant laws and regulations of New Zealand, the latter shall prevail. 

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