Bitalong will launch the new cryptocurrency DEBB on JAN 20th,2019

2018-12-28 10:45:48

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The new cryptocurrency DEBB will officially launch on on JAN 20th,2019.


About DEBB:The core goal of Deutsche Blockchain Bank to create a blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS, Blockchainasaservice) model, which can be edited by creating abstract, built-in graphics.

The blockchain system of the language allows anyone to create contract and decentralized applications and set up their freely defined ownership rules, trading methods and state transition functions, enabling developers to create arbitrary consensus-based. Extended, standardized, fully featured, easy to develop and collaborative applications. The German-Italian chain has the ability to support high-concurrency, low-cost business operations, and can be used in a variety of application applications, including games, digital assets, trade finance, item traceability, public notarization, and data security. In the early stage, the focus will be applied to all kinds of games, and the application fields will be gradually expanded in the later stage.